Mrs Tuffs

Mrs. Tuffs knows the danger that lurks in the far off forbidden land of terror and destruction. She alerts Tashi not to go too far and to be back by hoot number three, but Tashi does not come back to her call and Mrs. Tuffs is very worried. Can Mrs. Tuffs find and save Tashi from the evil dangers lurking in the forbidden land of no life? You can find out by reading: “Tashi Discovers the Land of No Life.”


Did You Know?
She has exceptional hearing and can locate prey in complete darkness.
Too scare off an intruder, Mrs. Tuffs expands her air sacs, puffs her feathers and spreads her wings.
The voice of Mrs. Tuffs is a low, soft, ghostly quoo-quoo and her alarm call weck-weck-weck. She also does various shrieks, hisses, whistles, barks, hoots and dove like coos.
Mrs. Tuffs is very reclusive and lives in a secret hide-out, not even Tashi can find. Only at dusk does she emerge to prey upon the creatures of the night.
Mrs. Tuffs has long ear tufts, a slim body, vertical belly markings, and a rusty brown round face with yellow eyes. She is known to blend into her surroundings making it very difficult for anybody to see her including her friend Tashi!

Mrs Tuffs The Long –Eared Owl


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