Environmental Facts

Each year, approximately 5.6 million tonnes of Ontario’s waste ends up in the province’s 32 largest landfills. As water filters through the landfill, it mobilizes the metals, organic chemicals, bacteria and viruses and other toxic materials in the waste. The contaminated liquid, can migrate from the landfill site into nearby ground and surface waters. Without serious monitoring and measures, landfills can cause a serious risk to the environment, as the decomposition process may produce gases resulting the release of noxious odors and greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide). Even Tashi, notices “that nasty fumes in the air” when she went beyond the private keep out sign and ventures into the land of no life.
Some interesting stats:
The average Canadian family throws out a tonne of packaging a year.
Each Canadian produces 1.7kg of waste each day. Translates to roughly our body weight in garbage every single month. This garbage is taken to one of the 10,000 landfill sites in Canada. 30-50% of all garbage is organic material, such as: food scraps, leaves, and non-recyclable paper. In 2000 Toronto households created 920,000 tonnes of waste. 76% was sent to a landfill and 24% was recycled, composted or re-used.


Role in Story
Tashi’s curiosity led her to the Land of No Life, where she saw hundreds of acres of man made junk! She heard some screeching, rumbling sounds and ran as fast as she could only to get caught in some junk. Can Tashi free herself from the junk? Will Tashi understand Betty’s environmental pledge, “we must always remember and never forget, that we as humans have to conserve and protect” when she sees this forbidden land? To find out read: “Tashi Discovers the Land of No Life.”

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