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In this adventure, Tashi, the curious puppy, wanders away from home and finds herself in a strange and dangerous place. Following her new soccer ball, she goes past Paradise Pond and beyond the warning sign, entering the land of no life. Mrs. Tuffs the wise long-eared owl warns Tashi not to go but eventually strikes a deal with Tashi to be back by hoot number three. Tashi begins to understand her owner Betty, and her environmental pledge, "we must always remember and never forget, that we as humans have to conserve and protect" as she enters the land of no life and then gets trapped.

Excerpt from book:
"Tashi fearfully thumped her tired tail one more time on the ground, hoping to make some sort of scary sound. To her horror, she saw the beaming monster slowly coming closer as it let out another fierce, hungry screech. She could feel her neck and back hairs stand up. She watched in awe, as it opened up is huge jaws and lifted its heavy, muscled arms high into the air. Tashi felt faint, and as she closed her

Can Mrs. Tuffs, her friend the long eared-owl, save Tashi from the clutching steel claws of the hungry monster that lives in this barren place and get Tashi home safely? What is this monster doing at night in this land of no life?


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Ages 4-8

Tashi discovers the land of no life


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