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My First Journal Entry Featured

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I like secrets. Okay, okay….sigh…ahhhh I love secrets. I think everybody has a secret; it doesn’t matter if you are big or small, young or old, or what you do or where you live…everyone, and I mean everyone has a secret story to tell. I live at Paradise Landing, right next to Paradise Lake, and this beautiful, serene place has tonnes of secrets that only I know about! Just a weeee few of my closest, truest, dearest, funniest, special, long time friends share some of my secrets, not all, just some secrets! I mean really, it wouldn’t be a secret any more if everyone knew! I can keep a secret and some can’t! Gesh! Really now, like my robin friend, she is chirping on the wire everywhere and sees everything, but pretends to know nothing about anything! I never have told her any of my secrets because well, dare I say…you never know what song she may sing! When she whistles, EVERYBODY whistles back and comes flying near and far to hear her sing at high noon everyday. I call it the drama song!
Still to this day, she tries to whistle to me in this high pitch frequency secret code of hers thinking it will escape the ears of all others, except mine. My attention span wavers and then drifts, for I do not reply to her when I am digging for my secret treasures in my secret place that nobody knows about, and I want to keep it that way! I mean nobody knows about where my secret treasures are buried, not even my very best friends, Betty or even the robin know! Whew! Private keep out! Hee hee hee!!!!
Oh and there is my ol’ wise friend Mrs. Tuffs. She really is tough! She hardly talks to anyone, which is a good thing when you are a spy. I bet she is a spy. I can sense it you know, feel it in my bones. I heard Mrs. Tuff’s had some mysterious secret meetings in the dark and I really believe that, because in one of my adventures in discovering the land of no life, I found out she has the best nighttime spy skills ever known in history. But that is another story to tell at another time.
Oh my goodness, I better be by the gate, because I can hear Betty’s car keys jingling! I don’t want to miss the car ride into town for I hear all kinds of interesting secret society stuff at the hairdresser parlor! Maybe I will get lucky this time and sneak a donut from the counter table; the owner always has some extra donuts to spare!
Until next time, Tashi.

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