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Merry Christmas to all my friends in Canada and in the United States! I hope my friends in Paradise Landing are coping well in the deep freeze and snow!! Wow! I wish I were with you because I just love snow!
Right now I am basking in the cool sand with my Hawaii outfit and shades on, ahhhh pure bliss! Today was a hectic, long day of driving, we traveled many miles and there was so much to see! And soooo many palm trees! I was so exhausted; I just zonked out on my navigational chair and had a nap while Betty drove on and on until she finally stopped at a familiar spot! The sound of the ocean waves woke me up! The next day I was playing with my soccer ball; it was sunny and hot, great for everyone’s joints!
Oh! The big news is in spring; on our way back home we are going to Hollywood! Maybe I can be in a soccer movie! Can you imagine that, me a possible movie star! Heck anything is possible if one is awesome enough right? I am going to Hollywood! This is some serious stuff! I heard Betty saying something about Hollywood is where it’s happening! It is the place to be! Oh my! I heard from the Hollywood squad, that they have endless spas, ahhhhh I can just see it now, hours of pampering time, I just love back massages. I wonder if I will meet anyone famous? Maybe I will just mingle, be cool, calm and scope the place out. See who is who. I can’t wait! I am so excited, for Hollywood is life!

Stay tuned! Tashi

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