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Brrrrr….I am nice and comfy cozy in my bed next to the fireplace. The roaring fire is making me feel lazy and oh so sleepy as I look out the window and see the barren trees and still lake. Autumn is here, but I feel winter is going to come early this year. I feel tension in the air as Betty walks back and forth from her bedroom to the garage and then out the garage door to her house on wheels; which in fancy terms she calls “the rig.” She has been going back and forth all day long, actually stressing me out wondering when will she start the house on wheels! She has been packing for days now, except when it rains and then she is even more stressed out. When will all this packing end, it seems frightfully long. I sigh and place my head on my pillow looking at all the mounds of clothes she flung everywhere! Unbelievable! What a mess! It always baffles me how can she wear so many different outfits and hats in such a short time! We are only going away for 6 months! I can never figure that out. I say, keep it simple. Pack light; buy later….she only wears half the stuff anyway! Really, the important things to pack are toys, not clothes! Like my soccer ball, baseball, telescope, tug of war ropes, spy decoy toys, squeaky toys and oh, of course she must pack my favourite Hawaii outfit and that velvety brimmed hat that keeps me so cool in the southern heat. Oh and of course my shades and water dinghy must be packed for when we go even further south. Mmmm and my life jacket. Good grief, I don’t want another episode like I had on the lake. Whew! That was a summer adventure not to forget! Anyway, I am getting off topic here….like I was saying, every Autumn it is the same old thing, Betty stuffs the house on wheels, oops I mean “the rig” until it bursts, like a tire! lol…..that’s the joke going around town! Shhhh don’t tell her I said that to my robin friend, who later sang a song about “the rig“ which became a local hit! Now it’s my yearly going away anthem, called …house on wheels, till the tires burst! Betty claims she is just being thrifty! I say, pack light save on maintenance.

Cheerio says my Robin friend.

I say, happy adventures to no end! Tashi

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