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This week is Mardi Gras week! I found out I will be in a Jeep parade on the main drag in South Padre Island! I will be wearing many beaded necklaces around my neck! (Now that’s cool, not a pumpkin dress! Lol) The Canadian float with a hoedown won first prize! So cool!

Today Mrs. Wigglesworth moved out of her all year round dungeon at Paradise Landing to another warmer dungeon called Tiki Rock. She told me Paradise is getting lost …in all the snow! Ha! She trekked alone for days across the frozen lake to get to her final destination. She did some exploring and then did her final check in. I looked at my map and located her new dungeon. Ahhhh she is directly across the lake from Paradise Landing! Good! It’s a quick boat ride, not far at all from Paradise. She said it is much warmer there and the food supply is so abundant, especially on weekends so that’s when she stocks up! What matters to her most are the three life essentials, food, water and a warm home in this year’s deep freeze!
I must admit, I am missing my friends back home and eager for spring to arrive!



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