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I am so sorry I haven't kept up on my journal writing! A year has passed and I have so many stories to tell! But first I have to tell you the most recent news! My sister, Baci, is one of the 19 finalists in a beauty contest, so please vote for her because I want her to be a 2016 calendar girl winner! Go Baci go!!!! Please vote for her, she not only is a beautiful Saint Bernard, she has a great personality too and is a wonderful dear friend! Please visit this website: www.facebook.com/cbpetfood and click on her picture, and hit like. Voting starts today and lasts until Oct 4 and I will definitely keep you posted!!!!
P.S Don't say a word to anyone, but now I have to sign off and take this opportunity and steal one of her marrow bones while she is sleeping! Hee hee!!!


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