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Soccer Ball For Valentine’s

Published in Tashi journal

I got a new soccer ball for Valentine’s Day and practiced a few new soccer tricks on the beach until I saw a lonely boy strolling by and bunted my ball towards him. He slightly smiled at me and kicked the soccer ball back. We started a game together and before I knew it he was laughing and smiling and playing with me. The dinner bell rang and it was time for me to go. I gave my best and last high-energy soccer "bend it like Beckham" kick and the ball landed right next to him. He giggled with delight. I looked at my new friend and ran up to him. I nudged my ball for him to keep because I wanted to see him smile forever and then licked his chin.

The very next day……..
I went to the sand dunes and rolled around in the warm sand all after noon! Call me Sandy, not Tashi! Hee hee Betty and I had a long walk along the beach, we saw lots of interesting shells and stones and even green, slimy jellyfish! When we came back to the house on wheels, I saw a strange package placed next to the screen door. I ripped it open and to my surprise I saw some liver treats, a Frisbee and a note from my new soccer friend! Ahhhhhh!!!!!


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