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I can’t believe this, look at this silly outfit! Do I really have to wear this dress for the Halloween party? Just look at these long pleats, it even has snap on buttons that wrap underneath my belly! This is so yesterday, what ever happened to Velcro? Anyway, I was told we must wear something original and memorable to this Halloween costume party! I waddle over to the mirror and look at my pumpkin dress with my long hair carefully tucked underneath the velvety pleats. Yuck! Betty thinks I look so cute and adorable but I visioned something else! I try to wiggle and roll out of this unfashionable mess that Betty proudly snapped on me and as I was doing so, I caught a glimpse of her waddling around in a matching pumpkin dress just like me! Hee hee heee does she ever look funny!
P.S We won first prize at the Halloween party for best original costumes! Imagine that!


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