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Happy New Year Everyone!
I am feeling a little bloated today, I snuck an entire cheese ball from the house on wheels table. Wow! Was it ever good, but now I am feeling the pain of being a glutton! I went outside to get some fresh air, but found out there are a lot of biting ants hiding in the green grass. There is nothing like creature comforts, going back inside to snooze on my favourite couch!
Feeling better today! Mighty hot outside! We are now in Texas! I am getting a Texan haircut! Betty does such a great job, not too long, and not too short. She knows I like it flowing with a part in the middle, with NO pink ribbons or barrettes! Sometimes she pulls my hair back away from my eyes and face and puts it in a pigtail with a pink ribbon around it. Ewww, I just can’t stand that tension around my eyes! I roll around for hours on the sandy beach and finally it falls out! Yeahhh I win!!!!!! Hee heee Free to be me!


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