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Betty and I are finally off to the sunny south! The house on wheels is fully packed with clothes, ahhh yes; LOTS of clothes and little food, (thank goodness for a small kitchen, yeah to take out for the next few months,) and all of my toys neatly packed in my toy box. We are ready to go! Yahoo! I said my good-byes to all of my friends here at Paradise Landing, wishing them a safe and happy autumn and winter. I will miss them, but before you know it, I will be back in spring for many adventures!
I just love my house on wheels, (oops, I meant rig,) because I get the best seat in the house, it is called the navigational seat. Which means, I tell Betty where to go! Heehee! She never listens to what I have to say, at times she totally ignores me whenever I say, “dog park”, turn left, go straight, keep driving, stop here and then she misses the turn off ramp, gets totally confused and drives around in circles! Hee hee hee. I am sure she thinks she never gets lost; she just says she is taking the historic scenic route all the time! Ahem, yeah right! Hee hee! I guess that is why we get along so well together, we never listen to each other, we just hear each other! But you know something, Betty really is the greatest traveling companion I have ever known and wouldn’t have it any other way!


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